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artFanFare dedicates itselfs to the presentation and communication

of young, contemporary positions of our time.


Since 2002, art seers, -collectors and -historians around the world apply theirselfes on the essential questions about conception, presentation, design and communication of contemporary artists.

Art and culture today creates a background that is characterized by a careful and deliberate observation of social and political themes, and their diverse manners and manifestations.

The limits between different disciplines like art, design, fashion, music and theater often seem fluently;

the connections are offering hybrid zones, unexpected perspectives and generate new keywords and projections.

We are mainly interested in artists working in different ways in a clear and binding relation to their time as well as their personal reflected and socio-cultural environment.

The ideology of artFanFare enables the artists to increase their popularity.

artFanFare presents the artist Christian Nienhaus in the European Capital of Culture - Essen, Germany, featuring the biggest single exhibition of the year.
The exhibition begins on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 19:00 PM with an exclusive preview for invited guests only.  The exhibit runs until October 31th, 2010.

For more info click here...http://www.christian-nienhaus.de/English/Exhibitions.html

Christian Nienhaus,

»20 to 10 Drumbeat to the Blue Hour«

October 20 - 31 October                                                       

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